The Best Way to Prevent AC Repairs

The Best Way to Prevent AC Repairs

Nobody wants to face an unexpected or expensive AC repair when they need their system the most. And typically, you’ll never have to. 

That is, as long as you have your air conditioner professionally installed by a qualified team and regularly maintained to keep it in good shape.

Yes, maintenance tune-ups are the best way to prevent AC repairs. Keeping up with your annual tune-ups can help you avoid up to 80% of the repairs your system may otherwise need! And that’s not the only benefit of maintenance—read on to learn more.

Reduced Repair Needs

Nobody wants to have their summertime activities cut short by calling a repairman to install a new air conditioner in their home. It’s inconvenient and an added expense, right?

Well, routine maintenance makes it a lot less likely that this will occur. Professional maintenance can help you avoid up to 80% of the repair needs a system may ever have in its lifetime.

Boost Energy Efficiency

As your air conditioner wears down over the years, it accumulates “wear and tear” issues. This is natural, but it doesn’t have to mean an early demise or inefficient operation for your air conditioner.

With routine maintenance, your air conditioner can retain up to 90% of its original efficiency rating.

Protect the Warranty

The warranty on your air conditioner protects you from financial liability if your air conditioner malfunctions or breaks down due to a manufacturer’s defect. 

Although uncommon, it’s thought that 1-2% of air conditioning systems leave the factory with some sort of flaw that isn’t discovered until the system has been in use for a while.

Most warranties protect you for 10 years. But if you try to repair or maintain the air conditioner on your own, you can void that warranty.

Peace of Mind!

There aren’t a lot of feelings greater in the world than the peace of mind that everything is okay. And the performance of your air conditioner is no exception.

Think of your air conditioner as you think about the vehicle you drive. You wouldn’t go for miles and miles without getting it a tune-up, right? Well, your air conditioner shouldn’t operate for years and years without a tune-up either. 

And if you get those routine tune-ups, you’ll have that peace of mind that your air conditioner will work reliably when you need it.

Longer Equipment Life

Unfortunately, no air conditioner will last forever. Eventually, you’ll need a replacement system. 

However, if you stay on top of your maintenance appointments, you can expect your air conditioner to last at least up until your manufacturer’s estimated useful service life, which is 10–15 years depending on the type of system.

Without routine maintenance, however, the equipment lifespan can drop by as much as half, so you might end up only getting 5-8 years of useful service life from it before you have to pay to replace it.
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