Ductless Mini Split System

Western Air Mini Split Installation & Maintenance

Ductless mini-splits allow Palm Desert homeowners to take control of their comfort while lowering utility bills. Ideal for entire homes as well as garages, room additions and home renovations, ductless systems are fully customizable for any home that wants room-to-room climate zoning.

California residents enjoy a variety of benefits when they choose ductless mini-splits and heat pumps:

  • Low-profile, unobtrusive design for small spaces
  • Climate control when ductwork is not an option
  • Zoned cooling control for energy savings and comfort
  • Available in heat pump and cooling only models
  • Low-maintenance design
  • Quiet operation
  • Filtration for improved air quality
  • Programmable “smart” system controls

Western Air Mini Split Installation & Maintenance

As with all types of cooling and heating equipment, ductless mini-splits perform best when they are properly sized and installed. After assessing your home’s size and design, our team will recommend a cost-effective mini-split system that suits your budget and needs. Western Air’s family-owned and -operated Palm Desert HVAC company has earned a reputation for quality installation along with best-in-class quality guarantees, manufacturer-approved maintenance and total customer satisfaction. Trust our NATE-certified pros for these ductless mini-split & IAQ services:


  • Mini-split cool only & heat pump installation
  • Ductless mini-split & heat pump repair
  • Mini-split tune-ups & seasonal inspections
  • Indoor air quality equipment installation
  • Western Air Maintenance Club mini-split maintenance agreements
  • Schedule Ductless Mini-Split Service in Phoenix


Whether you’re upgrading your Coachella Valley HVAC system or renovating your home, Western Air can help. With ductless mini-split systems from leading manufacturers, our high-efficiency heating and cooling installations are ENERGY STAR®-rated and may be eligible for rebates or tax credits. Providing five-star service and 100% customer satisfaction, our NATE-certified experts arrive promptly, care for your home and guarantee our work. Call 760-984-3151 to request a free estimate for a new mini-split system

A Guide to Ductless Mitsubishi HVAC in Palm Desert, CA

If you’re looking to evaluate getting service for ductless Mitsubishi HVAC in Palm Desert, CA, then there are a few things you should keep in mind. For example, if you’re on the line about it, you should first look at the benefits.

  • Why You Should Get Ductless Service

Getting service for ductless Mitsubishi HVAC in Palm Desert has a number of serious advantages to it. Here are a few examples of how it helps.

  • Space

Since you don’t need to have ducts at all with a ductless unit from Mitsubishi, you save a considerable amount of space just by that fact by itself. Additionally, all you need is an outside unit and a few inside and they aren’t nearly as large as what you need in traditional duct systems. Traditional systems usually require a large unit in the attic or basement, for example.

  • Full Personal Control

Additionally, a ductless system often makes it so that you can customize each room temperature according to your particular personal preference. These are called “zones,” and they correspond to the devices you put inside your home. This means that you can set up zones for multiple rooms, or in particular areas of large rooms. You can have them correspond to guest quarters or an add-on to your house. You can set it up however you want, in other words. This way, each zone can be at a different temperature according to whatever cooling or warming configuration you prefer. It’s also possible to make it so that some rooms are just off at certain times, with no need to spend any energy on them at all since no one is in those rooms.

  • Savings and Eco Friendliness

Due to the ability to have your system just stay off in certain rooms, you’re going to end up saving a lot of money on energy for your utilities bill. Traditional systems have to expend energy turning on and off throughout the day, and they have to do it for the whole house. However, a ductless system gives you much more control than that so you don’t waste energy. Not only will you save money on this, but it’s also better for the environment since you don’t end up wasting any resource on it at all. Plus, in some areas of states like CA, you can actually get tax breaks and rebates for using a more energy-efficient, eco-friendly system. These options will increase your savings even more when compared to the traditional options.

  • Finding the Best Ductless Options

There are a few methods you can use to make sure that a ductless company is going to work the best for you. Here are a few examples of how you can make this choice to your satisfaction

  • Getting Started
    For more information about getting the ductless you need, please contact us today. We have strong ratings online, every contact method, experience, certifications, financing, and special offers like for replacements or referring a friend.

The quicker you Contact us to make an appointment, the quicker we can get started making sure that we help you get the exact ductless service you require to allow you to make your home environment exactly the way that you want it to be